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"No One Likes The Kid" - Sumaroo |Review

There are moments in life where you feel left out and all alone. In your mind, no one has similar interests or understands the world from your point of view. Sumaroo’s latest song “No One Likes The Kid '' is the latest official anthem for feeling lonely.

The track starts with a simple acoustic guitar and drums. The single tells a story with lyrics like “everybody’s talking over him while he looks at the floor, he wants to play just like you, he wants to belong to the crew, no one likes the kid who sings soft and slow”. Just like the lyrics,

Sumaroo also sings the song softly and slowly, with sincerity in each and every word. The tune perfectly encapsulates how everyone feels once in their life, especially as kids. Little moments that may not seem big to others, but leave a lasting impression on one person. “No One Likes The Kid” is a great song, with the message of how important it is to treat those around you, especially as a child and even more as an adult.

The Canadian singer released his first EP ‘Do You Notice?’ in 2017, and has since then released another single in December 2022. The indie-pop artist released “No One Likes The Kid” on January 26, 2023 and the single is sure to resonate with others out there who can relate to its melancholic message. I would recommend this single to those who are fans of Sufjan Stevens.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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