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“No Good Reason” - Kiara Jordan | Review

Singer/songwriter Kiara Jordan explores complicated feelings of personal growth in her third single, “No Good Reason”. Though the song’s lyrical content is as complex as the feelings she expresses, its groove is uptempo and carefree, almost as if to say “yes, I learned the hard way. But regardless, I learned.”

“No Good Reason” came about at a difficult time in Jordan’s life-- her relationship no longer felt like a joint effort, and she felt she was giving more than receiving. Though the experience took an emotional toll on her, she traded it for a lifelong truth that she cannot change a person, and trying to make them someone that she desires will never work in her favor. The honest lyrics are a major strength of the tune, highlighting a universal experience that’s often associated with everyone’s individual coming of age story.

Jordan’s sweet, wispy vocals float over the acoustic guitar’s steady strumming like it’s dancing on air. Her dulcet vocals are reminiscent of coffeehouse favorites like Holly Humberstone and Anna Mieke, though she also holds a jazzy quality within her voice that bends the genre of the song entirely. What would normally be categorized as an acoustic indie pop song now blurs the lines between said genre and rustic indie folk.

“No Good Reason” follows a standard verse/chorus structure, but replaces the bridge with a guitar solo. The guitar’s syrupy smooth tone is emotional yet fun, adding a quirky, idiosyncratic characteristic to the song.

Overall, Jordan showcases proficiency in a variety of musical stylings within “No Good Reason”. Between her sugary sweet vocals and spacey, folky guitar, this song has a broad commercial appeal that’s attractive to everyone, regardless of their usual listening habits.

Kiara Jordan is a British-born singer/songwriter, but grew up in South Africa. Racking her brain for memories, experiences, and thoughts, she’s composing all her own music that’s reflective of her own life. Jordan usually falls under the “alternative” umbrella but mixes genres and influences frequently, landing spots on BBC Berkshire and Mahogany Playlist for her own musical niche.

Written by Jess Ward

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