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"No Chill" Dylan Emmet | Review

Dylan Emmet shows off his impressive scale in his new song, “No Chill.” He sings of the shaky beginnings of a new relationship with ease, skipping smoothly from high to low notes. He sells what’s popular in pop music, but gives it his own honesty and sound. The song’s electronic production perfectly compliments the mood of the song, giving it a light, euphoric tone. The chorus especially is what gets you hooked: it’s simple and just the right amount of repetitive to make you remember it.

Emmet perfectly explains the process and meaning of his piece with this statement: “Writing No Chill, I wanted to capture that fun, exciting, and scared to death feeling you get in the beginning of a new relationship. The feeling when you are really into someone but are trying to play it cool because you don’t want to show all of your cards. In my experience, it never works. In the end you will eventually have that conversation, cracking up about how nervous you both were when you first met. I wrote “No Chill” with my friend Constance and like all of my songs, I produced it myself.”

Emmet, a New York singer-songwriter, has had his songs chart on popular Spotify playlist New Music Friday and the Hype Machine Popular Chart. Emmet’s musical career started when he found out he had a two-year-old daughter, then releasing emotional songs about that journey of becoming a dad almost overnight with a move from Los Angeles to New York. Despite the fact that his home base is now New York, he travels around both coasts to collaborate with other musicians.

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Written by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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