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"No Chance" - Stef Pesic | Review

Birds chirping, sunshine on your skin, wind in your hair; it is summer and the world is attempting to return to "normal".

Stef Pesic's newest single "No Chance" is "is a song about being stuck indoors, longing to see someone, and eventually going out for an outside date whilst suffering from hay-fever at the same time". The track feels warm and hazy. It is a mellowed tune perfect for golden hour and slowly soaking up the last warmth of the day. Stef has a very vulnerable and sweet quality to his lyrics. It is endearing to see a "simp" sort of song. It is for a cute and innocent kind of romance.

Stef Pesic is a London based singer/songwriter. Accompanying himself primarily with guitar, he often genre-hops with songs that have indie rock, bedroom pop and jazzy styles whilst always having a strong melody driving through. A lofi production style along with subtle synth and guitar effects add splashes of color and a dreamy atmosphere. His lyrics are retrospective and deal with the ups and downs of being in your 20's, whether it be the joys of being in love or the restless nights dealing with anxiety and loneliness. He easily jumps from soft, intimate vocals to soulful and harsh vocal deliveries whilst using sparse chords in which he sings his confessional songs - portraying his deepest and most personal thoughts with fleeting ease.

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