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Nirvana - VENNA | Review

VENNA returns a month after her last release “Echo” with her new song “Nirvana”. As a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and aspiring author she really has a way with words. She is influenced by female pop artists like Banks & Billie Eilish; she also draws inspiration from iconic poets such as Edgar Allan Poe. The indie alt-pop artist has an image and brand that is true to her.

“Nirvana” is about using an unhealthy relationship to perpetuate self-abuse because it provides a sense of control. The haunting vocals really show this message. This song is relatable because it’s so hard for people to leave abusive situations because even though it might be harmful it feels comfortable. The concept and sonic sound reminds me of “Blue” by Madison Beer.

Some lyrics that stuck out to me - “I’m addicted to your venom” “I’m hooked on you like sugar” “the apathy is paradise” “it hurts and I feel so fucking alive”

VENNA is a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and aspiring author from Edmonton, Alberta. She is greatly influenced by powerful female pop artists like Banks and Billie Eilish, and draws a significant amount of inspiration from legendary poets such as Edgar Allan Poe. VENNA strives to be the type of artist that can impact her audience in a real, untamed and lasting way. By age 12, VENNA (then Shay Esposito) had merged her love of singing with her love of writing which culminated in the release of her first full-length album ‘For Annie’ in June 2014 (age 16) and her second full-length album ‘Sunday’ in 2017 (Age 19). To date, reviews of VENNA’s work have been outstanding,i ncluding winning the 2017 –Electronic/Dance category of the UK Songwriting Competition for the song ‘How Does It Feel’. Additionally,she is a 3-time Edmonton Music Award Nominee, a St Albert’s Mayors Celebration of the Arts Award Nominee, and Top 5 finalist in Canada’s It’s Your Shot competition. How Does It Feel (Coyotes Remix) received significant radio play in Russia, along with several adds at Canadian radio stations (including Ottawa’s HOT 89.9 and Kitchener’s The Beat). She also recently signed a publishing deal with Contentscube in South Korea for both albums and her recent singles' All We Ever Do' and ‘Feel Something.’

Written By Heather Kathryn

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