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“Nights” - Jide Kuti | Review

“Nights” is a chill ballad with lyrics telling the thoughts of a hopeless romantic. The song resonates with those who struggle to have faith in finding their other half. While the idea of romance keeps you racing, it’s impossible to acquire for yourself. Judi wrote “Nights” to compliment and contrast his last single “We Could Be”.

In that song, Jide’s enthusiastic voice is in front of an upbeat tempo about anticipatingly falling in love. In the end, it introduces “Nights’ instrumental as a slow burner of the thought “When is it my turn to have that special someone?”.

“Nights’” production is a jazzy-retro vibe familiar in a cafe or a YouTube playlist of jazz music. Kuti’s vocals over the track are as smooth as silk and round as a ball, similar to John Legend, Aloe Blacc, and Olivia Dean. Sync placements suitable for the song are soundtracks from coming-of-age romance movies like “(500) Days of Summer” or “20th Century Girl”.

I’d recommend “Nights” to be part of a Korean drama’s OST because it radiates the type of delusional romance that goes well with the main couple’s chemistry. If you’re obsessed with romance or making up scenarios in your head, “Nights” by Jide Kuti provides the perfect setting piece.

About Jide Kuti

Based in London, Jidé Kuti is a singer-songwriter and hopeless romantic. He describes himself as an uncanny combination of John Mayer, Jon Bellion, Olivia Dean, Ed Sheeran, and Disney because his brand of pop and soul captivates his audience and keeps them guessing. This includes quirky lyricism, catchy melodies, unexplainable charisma, and a combination of honest, soulful, and charismatic vocals.

Jidé performed on The Ned, Lambeth Country Show, Westminster Abbey, and London’s Roundhouse, proving to be a seasoned performer with a love of performing that shows in his confidence, crowd work, and warm personality. He released his first single “Rooftop” in 2021 and “You’re Not Special” in 2022. He hopes his upcoming debut EP will give people a world where they can lose themselves. He said, “I hope it makes you laugh, and I hope it makes you cry but ultimately, I hope it gives you something that you need.”

Written by Yaba Ahounou

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