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“Night Time, Our Time” - Silas Fermony | Review

Silas Fermoy is the meeting of 2 creative minds: The Polished Pop hooks of Singer/Keyboardist Joshua Mash, and the progressive ethereal sonic textures of guitarist Phillip Pope.

Silas Fermoy started in New York, where Josh began his musical journey. The Group played shows all over the east coast, as well as booking a tour from New York to SXSW. After several years of constant playing, writing, and developing his song writing skills, Josh yearned for the serene setting that only Sonoma County could provide. But before embarking on the next Chapter, Josh released “Clouds That Dropped You” featuring Elefant’s Kevin McAdams on drums.

Upon relocating to Santa Rosa Josh met Phillip Pope, and felt an immediate musical connection. Combining Phillip’s love of Progressive and Experimental music, with Josh’s ear for driving pop melodies, the project hit its stride. The two have since been writing new high energy material with a heavy emphasis on danceable grooves.

2020 saw the release of the groups E.P. “Always Greener" as well as a lot of sitting on their couch.

As they emerge from their “Shelter in place” slumber, they look forward to releasing a string of new singles. The first of which being “Night Time, Our Time” which the band wrote during the 2020 Pandemic.

There’s a blend of a 1980s new wave hit and something that would play surfside at the beach. It creates an interesting darkness to light content. It’s groovy and pop influenced but attached to an indie sound similar to artists like Dayglow. Lead singer Joshua Mash has vocals akin to Glass Animals. A soft-pitched and dreamy electro-pop tune that is ambivalent in its ability to be an easy-listening track to work to or something to put on in the lull of a night to get the energy a little bit higher.

The track was created in the beginning of COVID, in the days where we were all regretting not having done more and enjoyed our nights a little more. It wants the listeners to embrace the night a little bit more and lay into our desires so as not to have more regrets. All while talking about this dark time of losing out on good times, the song is a building block to the soundtracks we’ll be playing to get back in the swing of things as the world returns to normal, when it does.

By Amanda Collins

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