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NextFest LA brings you new music from Australia, Christina Castle

For 13 days in the Month of May 2022, NextFest LA will launch its inaugural year on multiple stages within the LA County Fair experience, which is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. This will be one of the largest indie culture events on the West Coast, if not the nation, with over 200 artists, DJs, boutique parties, and more scheduled to perform.

On May 15 seven specially selected artists will grace the Label Squadz & Unheard Gems stage. Ranging from indie to pop and RnB to alternative grit, these artists are here to do what they do best, perform. The artists performing: Sam Stacy, Cate Tomlinson, Jackii Kennedy, Christina Castle, AprilFoolChild, Stereo Jane, and Caroline Sky.

Coming all the way from Australia, we are so lucky to have the incredible Christina Castle returning to LA to play an incredible set for us!

Unheard Gems: We are so excited to be co-curating a stage at NextFest LA with Label Squadz and are so thrilled to have you be a part of the experience! Are you excited for the festival?

Christina Castle:Yes! I'm pumped to be a part of this lineup for NextFest LA and it is my first solo spot in a festival lineup, so I thank you for having me and breaking my festival virginity.

Unheard Gems: You are a returning performer to the LA Fair, you played in 2019 and absolutely rocked the stage, are you excited to be back?

Christina Castle: I had so much fun at the LA Fair in 2019, the atmosphere of the whole day was just magical and excitable so it made playing to a crowd that was feeling the same way really great as a performer!

Unheard Gems: You are coming all the way from Australia for this show! What about your music makes you stand out and draw a crowd half way around the world?

Christina Castle: Oh yes! America is kinda my second home haha especially California. Music is this amazing universal thing that no matter where you come from, your race or creed, it has the ability to connect to so many people as well as connect so many people together! I also think people can see that I am the artist that is genuine to the music I make, so it allows for people to naturally gravitate... especially if rock n roll is what they're into!

Unheard Gems: When it comes to playing live, do you have a favorite pre or post-show ritual you want to share with us?

Christina Castle: Yes! I love to get hyped up, especially shows like this where I'm playing full band shows. There will most likely be some AC/DC blasting from my trailer prior to hitting the stage as well as a tequila shot to get the body heated.

Unheard Gems: We are so excited to hear your set, is there a song you are most excited to perform and why?

Christina Castle: A lot of these songs that I'll be playing are from a new batch of songs I've written and recorded that will be on my debut album. So I'll be playing a lot of my set for the FIRST TIME! I can't wait to experience what each song feels like live and if any new favourites emerge because of the live experience... because that's usually the case for me haha!

Unheard Gems: In terms of instructions for the audience that day, what would be the craziest, most fun, silly, thing you want to see in the crowd?

Christina Castle: Yes! If anyone there starts singing songs back to me, like the new singles that I've released... I'll freak. But overall I just want to see people having a good time and dancing to the music, I'll be fighting for that and going hard!!!

Unheard Gems: What inspired you to start making music? Who were your role models and inspirations?

Christina Castle: I was always drawn to music. I was born a performer and was always singing and putting on shows for people since as long as I can remember. The world is very much my stage. But it wasn't until I was 11 years old and Avril Lavigne changed my world... along with the scene of bands like Blink 182 and Paramore that really helped me see the path and the world in which I wanted to belong in.

Unheard Gems: In true Unheard Gems fashion we have to close by asking who your favorite emerging artist is but let's narrow it down to artist playing NextFest LA

Christina Castle: Hell yeah! I'm really keen to check out Stereo Jane at the festival. Their name immediately captivated me and they look like 2 cool stylish girls. I'm excited to see what they bring to the stage!

See you at the show!!!! Excited to rock out!

Buy tickets to NextFest LA here: Day Pass & Month Pass

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