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New Music Coming This Week!

Hey Unheard Gems it’s Hannah and this week is going to be a crazy one for music.

A few days ago Australian singer on the rise, Troye Sivan, took up a whole billboard in Times Square New York in partnership with Spotify with a countdown starting from day 6. Is their new music for Troye? Sivan fans have been waiting just over 2 years for new music from Troye so they took to quickly to social media with guesses as to what this mystery billboard could be. Well, Troye did not leave his fans waiting long as each day so far he has been slowly releasing the song title via his instagram story (@troyesivan). Looks like the single called “My My My” is coming out this week on January 10th at 9pm pst.

Mathew V, one of our Unheard Gems favorites, is also releasing a new single this week. He posted on social media on January 1st that his new single “Broken” will be released on January 12th. Posting the lyric “Not #Broken anymore”(instagram @mathewvmusic) 7 days ago and posting the cover art today, Mathew has left fans excited on social media and is sending love back to all of the fans engaged on his social media. After asking Mathew a bit about the song I have gathered that it will be an “upbeat dancy song” but don’t take my word for it, stay tuned and listen to “Broken” this Friday the 12th when it is released.


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Hannah Schneider
Hannah Schneider
Jan 08, 2018

super excited for broken!!

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