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“New Girl” - Moscow Apartment | Review

“New Girl” by Moscow Apartment is an indie rock song that makes me want to put my 6 inch powerhouse heels on and strut a runway.

We all want to be Kat Stratford from the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”, a confident young woman who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Not to mention she ends up with Heath Ledger’s character, but anyway - she is a boss lady. “New Girl” by Moscow Apartment epitomizes that powerful, independent energy.

The artist creates a hypnotizing atmosphere with its catchy guitar melodies reinforced with a strong drum beat. They talk about taking pride in your progress as an individual and calling for respect. The duo was inspired to write the song “after enduring a particularly bad week of misogyny and catcalling.” This explains the lines “I’m immune to all your sweet talk...don’t look at me.” The artists’ carefree and confident attitude mixed with their mesmerizing tone make for a powerful song.

Moscow Apartment consists of 17 year old Brighid Fry and 18 year old Pascale Padilla. This Canadian duo met as members of Toronto’s VIVA! Youth Singers and their friendship was instantaneous. In 2017 they launched Moscow Apartment and drew inspiration for their name from a single image in a book of photographs - a shot of an old poet inside his book-filled Russian Apartment. Since then, their 2018 single, “Orange”, has reached over 48,000 streams on Spotify and counting. Their creativity and meaningful messages are bound to further their success.

Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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