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"Nervous" - Kathleen Elle | Review

“Nervous” is a very relatable track - getting nervous around our crushes and hoping for the best. I can almost guarantee you that everyone has been there at least once in their life.

The instrumental of “Nervous” reminds me of when one gets a heart flutter, the kind you get when you’re nervous. Hmm… what a connection. But am I crazy for feeling this? I feel like other people have had their heart flutter before and not because of a heart condition…

Don’t worry.

I really enjoyed Kathleen’s voice on this track too. It’s quite boisterous, but at the same time stays par with the instrumentals. Much of the song seems to be very electronic with some instances of drums, but the song is definitely carried by Kathleen’s fantastic voice.

Kathleen Elle is an award-winning songwriter from New Jersey. Her genre spans from soul and pop to acoustic. In the past, some of Kathleen’s songs have told stories about her struggles dealing with bullying during her childhood. Recently, she has been told by others that her music has helped and ultimately saved the lives of bullying victims who were considering suicide. Good for her!

Just like her music, Kathleen sounds like a fantastic human being! I’m really glad that “Nervous” was released during this time of the year. A perfect song to start the warm weather with!

Written by Quincy Williamson

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