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"Neighbour" - Abby J Hall I Review

With a sort of athemic edge to it, Abby J Hall’s new single “Neighbour” calls out for people to have empathy for strangers – a topic that is eerily relevant.

The song is less about the production and more focused on Hall’s voice and her lyrics. Her bright vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s clear, distinguishable vocals, a voice that’s ready to carry any variation of a pop song at any moment. It’s the lyrics that really shine through among the clapping sounds and shimmery, squeaky-clean beats. In the first verse, she explores connections – both personal and impersonal – and the degree of trust that exists between people, singing, “I’m not your friend/But I’m not a stranger/Could you trust me with your life?/If I were your neighbour.” She wrote this single, with fellow singer-songwriter Darrelle London, considering the complexity of these connections. How do we learn empathy for our neighbors and strangers? Where can we find real human connection? In “Neighbour,” Hall asks and attempts to answer these questions, just like we try to do every day.

Hall is a Canadian singer-songwriter who began writing her own music when she was 11. She can play the guitar, piano, and ukulele, and her influences include Julia Michaels, Alec Benjamin, and Maggie Rogers. She has performed at The Sound of Music Festival, Canada’s Largest Ribfest, and Live and Local Music Series at Canadian Music Week. “Neighbour” is her fifth single.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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