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"Need Me" - DYLN | Review

Smooth and slow burning, 'Need Me' by DYLN is a stunning example of refined artistry and voice.

DYLN has an almost less is more quality to her music. Only a two minute track, 'Need Me' still makes an impact. Her vocals are beautiful and truly capture the essence of this new wave of soft indie R&B.

On the track DYLN said: "I collaborated with a phenomenal experimental artist for my latest music video and would like to submit it for your consideration. “Need Me,” (a song about self-care), was shot on an iPhone during quarantine and self-isolation, directed and edited by artist GREY. Although filming posed some restrictions for us during the pandemic, we decided to take matters into our own hands and get even more creative with art and music throughout the challenges of Covid-19. "

Los Angeles based songstress DYLN (pronounced “Dylan”) blurs the lines between pop, R&B, and electronic music. Her debut album “Rings,” is a collection of songs about being married, which she co-produced with her husband Frequency (Eminem, Rihanna). Unafraid to bare true stories of her life, DYLN is known to get personal.

Armed with the ability to write catchy, yet emotionally earnest songs, the half-filipino Canadian native is also a female producer - a talent not often seen. DYLN -- who’s name comes from an all black carbon fiber guitar she named “Dylan” -- had a tradition of naming her instruments. Told that the guitar was unbreakable and able to weather any storm, she crafted songs on “Dylan” during a time she battled depression, keeping the sentiment as her name.

“My philosophy is to write real songs,” the singer says, crediting influences like Kid Cudi and Robyn, who’s themes of darkness/sadness have molded the fabric of her music. Often exploring the nature of her own demons or the complications of love, the singer shows no subject is taboo.Referred to as a “Renaissance woman” among her peers, DYLN remains arty, while standing at the forefront of contemporary mainstream music.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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