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Navigating Inner Turmoil: A Review of Faae's 'First Person Basis'

Faae delivers a very Phoebe Bridgers-esque track with “first person basis”.

Layered over dreamy, atmospheric instrumentals, Faae details her inner turmoil. Fearing that the world is moving without her, she’s worried that she can’t keep up. Grating dissonance repeatedly gives way to beautiful harmonies as she navigates her way through her struggles. As mentioned earlier, the vocals very closely resemble Phoebe Bridgers, the track sometimes even sounding as though it could’ve been released by boygenius, akin to Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker as well. This track is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect addition to your “sad” or “nostalgic” playlist.

The project name Faae is comprised of Vanessa Poulson and Jordan Morales, who utilize dreamy indie folk to tell their stories. This is just one of several releases, so be sure to check out their other ones as well!

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