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Nation of Language @ the Lodge Room | Concert Photography

At the October 19th show at Lodge Room Highland Park, I’m not sure who went harder— Nation of Language or their fans. The band brought impeccable vibes through lyrical and compositional masterpieces, and their energy was unmatched. Their following goes hard, and for good reason. Incredible talent, stage presence, and music.

Nation of Language are an American indie pop band formed in Brooklyn in 2016. The group consists of Ian Richard Devaney (vocals, guitar, percussion), Aidan Noell (synth, vocals) and Michael Sue-Poi (bass).

Devaney and Sue-Poi were both members of The Static Jacks, but the band became inactive after the release of their second album.[1] Devaney was inspired to start a new project after hearing "Electricity" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in his father's car, a track he listened to in his childhood.[1] What started out as Devaney "fooling around" on a keyboard later evolved into Nation of Language, with the addition of Devaney's partner Noell and former Static Jacks bandmate Sue-Poi.

Review and photography by Asher Phoenix Photography

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