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“My Time” - MOZAÍK | Review

“My Time” is a bubbly, good mood, anthemic release from the incredible MOZAÍK

Contagiously positive, MOZAÍK’s lyrics and peppy track is inspiring and fun. If you want a song to put you in a good mood for the day this is it. Make the best of everyday and stand your ground along with “My Time”.

The talented singer uses movement to get her songs into the right shape and you can tell. It’s hard to stand still while she unleashes MY TIME, a song about standing your own ground.

MOZAÍK recently became an ambassador for an organization who’s goal is the same –making young people strong and brave enough to stand up for each other and themselves.

Listen to our interview with MOZAÍK here:


MOZAÍK speaks Spanish and is a former dancer of modern and latin dances. She writes most of her songs while dancing or being in a state of movement. One of the personal goals for the talented performer is to create more feminine and energetic dance pop.


MOZAÍK doesn’t just want to be a singer. She wants to be a creative entrepreneur, who blends music, dance and fashion. The name MOZAÌK stems from her wanting to create a patchwork of fields -musically, commercially, politically and artistically.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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