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"Movie Night" - NEON ARCADE | Review

Intense feelings of blossoming romance get the 80s retrofuturist treatment in Neon Arcade’s new single, “Movie Night”. The vibrant, over-saturated 80s elements like gated drums and pulsing synths, coupled with modern leading melodies, recall a time of innocent first love in Synthwave style.

The song plays out in your mind like a movie- it transports you to a car roof under the stars as a kitschy cult favorite plays on a big screen in the distance. Summer comes to a close and fall makes itself comfortable as a cool, crisp feeling hangs in the air. Lucky for you, it only makes the date feel that much more cozy. You can feel the nerves, excitement, and adrenaline of a first date flow through you as you listen, with the lyrics synchronizing alongside each emotion.

The cinematic quality of the song is accomplished through ambient mixing and long, floating melodies. The reverb on the electric guitar adds a dream-like facet to the tune, similar to how the shiny, pulsing synths create an aesthetic unique to the 80s mystique. The echoey vocals soar through the chorus, forging a nostalgic soundscape that captures the essence of recalling a perfect first date.

Neon Arcade is Brandon Queen’s alter ego. The LA-based hypnotist and magician was struck with inspiration during quarantine to bring his magic to life through new means-- music. Though Neon Arcade is his first solo gig, he’s no stranger to the music scene, as he’s played with bands like Strangeheart and Slow Day Coming. Having cycled through multiple musical inspirations ranging from The Smiths to 90s hip-hop, Queen’s objective is to make music that is satisfying and pleasant to him as a listener, saying, “My goal is to take what I love about the 80's aesthetically, adapt it with some of the new thinking and club vibe that outrun is bringing, but layer it together with more chill surf-rock vibes.”

Written by Jess Ward

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