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"Movie" - Blake Rose | Review

Yet again, Blake Rose is proving to us that he is the epitome of Unheard Gems gold.

I hit play on "Movie" already knowing it was going to be good, I mean, it's Blake. I did not assume I would get the chills immediately. The anticipation, the vocal range, the anthemic driving beat. Blake's amazing voice just melts the heart of every person I share him with.

The music video follows "Victoria" through her life growing up in this house and the people who come and go. You can hear and see the hurt imagining all of these scenarios and how they could have been different and not heartbreaking. At some point, though, is heartbreak not just part of life?

Blake, if you read this I hope you know the chorus absolutely tore my heart out.

"At the end of this life, are you happy?

Are you good with the choices you made?

Are you being yourself or just acting?

Do you wish it could start again?

When you're on your last legs on your death bed

When your life flashes before your eyes

Do you like who you're with in that movie?

Or do you belong in mine?"

The post-chorus hey-years and falsetto used to ask "or do you belong in mine" fills me with nothing short of light and warmth. This is both a heartbreaking yet completely love-filled song. 10000/10

Speaking about “Movie,” Blake reveals, “Movie is about putting your life into perspective and questioning your current situation by imagining yourself on your deathbed. For me, it’s about trying to show someone you care about that the relationship they’re in is toxic,” he explains. “Sometimes we tend to wallow in familiarity even if it’s hurtful. It feels too scary to venture outside of that because it’s uncomfortable but ironically that’s exactly what we’re trying to escape. You don’t have to settle for the life you think you deserve, you deserve so much more.”

To date, Blake has amassed over 150 million combined global streams across his entire catalogue, which include the singles “Lost,” “Ordinary People,” “Rest Of Us” and “Gone,” which was accompanied by a stunning live rendition, taped in Los Angeles, pre-lock-down, that has already surpassed half a million views. Complete with string arrangements, the video showcases the young Australian artist, songwriter and producer’s effortless ability to perform live; with his Buckley-esque vocals, luscious electric-guitar-driven melodies, and knack for writing insanely infectious alternative pop songs. “I try to give listeners an experience,” he reveals. “I take a lot of time with every element to make sure I’m creating a world people can immerse themselves into. Whether the narrative is precise or ambiguous I try to attain a certain level of depth with each song that I hope people can latch onto and let it be as much a part of their own story as it is mine.”

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, Blake Rose’s sound is anchored in luminous and lush six-string conjurations, offset by sparse beat-craft, off-kilter plugins, in-the-box wizardry, and soulful intonation. “The guitar is generally the driving link between the songs,” he goes on. “It’s how I typically write. Everything starts there.”  In just over a year, Blake Rose has gone from busking in the streets of Perth to becoming one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in recent years. He catapulted into the spotlight in 2019 with self-penned, self-produced gems such as his debut ‘Hotel Room,’ which Spotify touted on New Music Friday, with the follow-up track, “Lost,” further igniting a buzz. Now, with the addition of “Casanova” to his arsenal, Blake further solidifies his potential as a global force in music.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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