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"More Than Friends" - Lorenzo Wood |Review

“I woke up at 5AM just to talk to you” is how Lorenzo Wood’s new single “More Than Friends” starts, following the artist’s desire to want to be romantically connected with someone.

I love how this song conveys the underlying anxieties of a crush; the vocals are very smooth, but accompanied by a faster beat, which mimics the way your heart might beat faster around someone despite your normal behavior. It’s a short, sweet song that feeds the part of me that loves stories of unrequited love. What makes this single so powerful is its painful relatability and Wood wrote this song based on a real experience, saying, “I wrote this last year about a girl I met at a songwriting competition. We ended up dating for about 3 and a half months. What happened afterwards is another story…in another song I haven’t released yet!” Wood also produced, wrote, and played all the instruments on this track alongside his soothing vocals. All I know is that I’m looking forward to that second song after hearing “More Than Friends.”

Lorenzo Wood is an award-winning musician, songwriter, producer, and vocalist from Alameda, California USA.


In addition to recording and producing songs and videos in his home studio, Lorenzo performs live, solo or with a band. With a skillset of music performance technology, he puts together unique, intricate live setups that make his performances stand out. 

Lorenzo lists Maroon 5, Train, U2, Shawn Mendes, and John Mayer as his initial musical influences. But now he feels his style resembles more that of artists like Bazzi, Julia Michaels, Post Malone, and Jonas Brothers.

Lorenzo has been performing and recording his songs since a young age. At age 13, he discovered busking, and has been performing primarily at street festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area every summer/fall since then.

In 2018, while releasing his first EP at the age of 15, he put together and hired a band to play the newly released songs with him on stage. He performed again in 2019 with a new lineup.

Lorenzo has also performed as a member of several local bands. Recently he has supported Kat Van Morgan, Saint Benjamin, and others, playing whatever instruments were needed.

Lorenzo has been producing and releasing a number of singles for the last few months, with several more songs coming soon. Lorenzo is an accomplished music producer, both for his own music and for other artists. He produced and co-wrote four of the tracks from Kat Van Morgan's EP, and has also recorded full tracks and demos for other musicians. He is also versed at video production, creating videos both for his own songs as well as others, such as performance videos for Sam Johnson. Lorenzo enjoys collaborating with other musicians. He brought singer/songwriter Kaia onboard as a featured vocalist for the acoustic version of his 2019 single "Jacket"; Working with Andrew Wilson, he co-wrote and sang on "You and Me Now", and produced the vocals on "Lonely." Lorenzo plans for more collaborations and featured artists in his upcoming releases.

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