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'Moonlight' - Jordan Waller |Review

Released as a single for his EP, “Melancholy Dream”, “Moonlight”, by Jordan Waller has all the makings of a smash hit. “Moonlight” is perfect for a late night dance with someone you love. The production does not overwhelm Jordan’s smooth voice. His verse’s end with an engulfing chorus that adequately completes the synth-pop ballad.

Accompanying “Moonlight” is his EP “Melancholy Dream.” The 38 minute EP is a digestible tale of love and heartbreak. Jordan inserts the listener in his world, a world of affectionate cinematic adventures. Jordan arranged his songs, so each grows into the next giving the album substantial replay value. Much like the likes of the artists LANY and LAUV, Waller captures the soaring catchy love song side of good pop. Overall, this is a very strong debut project from the young Vancouver artist. Be sure to check him out on tour this year.

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Written by Gregory Gagliardi

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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