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“Monomania” – theWorst | Review

Described by Alternative Press as “the glorious love child of Joan Jett and Kurt Kobain,” indie-rock threesome theWorst is back with their next adrenaline-fueled single. Serving as the high-powered start to their upcoming U.S. tour, “Monomania” is the grungy banger that’s about to supply all the angsty, classic punk rock serotonin we could ever need… until the next one.

“Monomania,” produced by Will Holland and featuring guest drummer Nikki Glaspie is four minutes of absolute euphoria, its frenzied noise and uninhibited emotion rattling you to the bones. The distorted static from the very start sets the tone for the track, giving notice to the electrifying chaos that comes next.

Lead singer Brooke Binion’s gritty vocals are made for “Monomania,” with a delicate rasp like no other chiming in to bolster the track from beginning to end. The crashing drums and dynamic guitars meddling to create unforgettable riffs make this grunge-inspired track a song of the season.

The chorus serves as a reminder of the track’s namesake that’s bound to induce a little monomania of its own with the repetition of lyrics. I’ve already caught myself subconsciously humming, “but if you go chasing feelings, you'll be sorry every time…”

The accompanying music video created by Sarah Violette of Violette Media has this trippy color effect throughout that almost immerses you in the “Monomania” world. Taking place in a snowy, desolate woodland setting, its small-town vibes are chaotic and unnerving, keeping you on edge in a rush of delirium as the sound crashes around you.

It’s clear to see why critics have established the band’s reputation as a “one-of-a-kind raucous live act, fueled by an aggressive raw sound, anthemic songs and a brutally honest lyricism.” theWorst has been ripping gigs since 2016 and pumping out roaring singles like “Blacksheepish” and “Yes Regrets” that are reaching upwards of 88,000 plays on Spotify. If this benchmark is any indication, their dizzying career has only just begun.

Plowing full steam ahead, theWorst is preparing to drop their second album titled Yes Regrets on June 3rd with RascalZ RecordZ featuring members of Morphine, The Distillers, SeepeopleS, and more. And to add yet another layer of top-notch quality evidence, the sophomore album was recorded at the legendary Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA that has been home to artists like Fall Out Boy and The Pixies.

As music to our ears, it looks like there’s no slowing down now. The Portland trio is kicking off the first leg of their “Yes Regrets” tour on April 1st in Salem, MA. You can catch them on their east coast stint through June 1st.

Written by Lena Hageman

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