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Mistine |Artist Spotlight

Mistine. The classic rock of the 80s but with the power house bad ass vocals of a modern R&B singer. With hard hitting grit similar to singer Sophia Danai, Mistine is ready to take the world by storm as the next Avril. 'Miss. Used' is a power anthem even if you aren't a fan of classic hard rock. Mistine is something new and fresh. Keep an ear out.

Christine "Mistine" Meisenhelter is a professionally trained bassist, vocalist, and guitarist based out of Los Angeles, CA and Matawan, New Jersey. She has performance experience in various genres including: pop, rock, funk, blues, and R&B. Her areas of expertise include electric bass, synth bass, vocal, and guitar performance. Along with popular music performance, Christine is also skilled in songwriting and audio engineering.  She is full of energy and passionate about working with artists to achieve the best performance possible.

Through the years Christine has performed at many venues including: The Nokia Club, The Ace Hotel Theatre, Skinny's Lounge, The El Rey Theatre, The Count Basie Theatre, The Two River Theatre, The Peppermint Club, The Study, State Social House, The Federal, The Hotel Cafe, Mercury Lounge NYC, The W Hotel, Three Clubs, and many others, 

Christine currently performs for many local Los Angeles artists, including Haleigh Bowers, JEJ, REL, Madeleine Mayi, Moira Mack, Michael Mancuso, etc.  She is also pursuing her own rockin' solo project, Mistine, and her pop/rock girl-band, MOTHER. 

Catch her on tour:

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