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Mississippi Air - Caroline Romano| Review

Caroline Romano is coming back with her third single this year ‘Mississippi Air.’ Nashville-based singer-songwriter Romano wrote a nostalgic and heartfelt ballad that pays homage to her home state of Mississippi and all the memories being home evokes for her.

She states “‘Mississippi Air’ is really just a longing for something, or a feeling, that once was. It’s driving past a blue of trees spinning into a film reel, playing a movie of something you used to know, and briefly you are able to breathe. You’re able to know the love you once had without the pain associated with it. I think we all have those moments as we drive through familiar grounds that take us back to when something you’ve lost wasn’t lost at all. It is a deep surrounding type of breath you take in those moments. That’s ‘Mississippi Air’ - lavender bikinis, button-downs, silver trucks, pools and Harry Styles songs.”

This song is so beautiful and raw, it makes me feel like I’m back home and remembering. Caroline has such a talent for songwriting and is an incredible singer. Some lyrics that stick out in this song to me are “somethings you don’t ever think will end / I don’t miss you in the city but I miss you when I’m here / way before twenty-three real-estate and grown up things / felt our feelings like my hair felt the humidity / I can breathe again, until I leave again / now you’re twenty-three, school degrees and grownup things” every lyric she writes furthers the story in a way you didn’t know possible.

Caroline Romano is an artist to watch out for and I can’t wait to see what’s next from her!

Written by - Heather Kathryn

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