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"Mine" - Sam Stacy |Review

Sam Stacy is bound to make your heart swoon with his latest single “Mine”. The track has strong singer songwriter roots with pop tendencies. Stacy’s lyrics tell a story of heartache as he grapples with what it takes to accept commitment and vulnerability as part of a relationship. His smooth vocals are complimented with airy acoustic stylings that are reminiscent of chilled rock (see the bridge). The soft wail of the guitar and the crooning vocals make this a track you won’t want to miss.

“Mine” was inspired by one too many long-term casual relationships. I was tired by my own lack of commitment and wanted to write about breaking that cycle. With the snow coming down outside, I set up shop in a cabin in the Roosevelt National Forest, just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park to record most of the song. The songwriting for “Mine” is heavily inspired by Continuum-era John Mayer, fusing intricate guitar parts with simple melodies. Production-wise, I had been listening to a ton of Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” and Daniel Caesar’s “Freudian.” I wanted to mix those R&B elements with my own acoustic style. ”

About Sam: Sam Stacy is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and musician. Growing up in Nebraska, Sam was first introduced to music through a community choir. He moved from choir to musical theater and by the age of 12, had taught himself to play guitar. After high school, Sam auditioned for Berklee College of Music, but was rejected because he only played by ear. Disappointed, he continued to pursue music, but opted for a degree in economics and business. During college, he’d study by day and gig by night making a name for himself in his local scene. After graduating, he took a job working at a bank to keep his evenings free for performing. Once he started making more money from music, he quit his day job and never looked back. Serendipitously, when the pandemic hit, the casting department from “The Voice” messaged Sam asking if he’d like to audition. Before he knew it, he was in a hotel for two months on Team Blake Shelton. He ended up losing to a country artist in the battle rounds, but says it was the perfect musical outlet during the pandemic. Sam now lives in Los Angeles and is a full-time musician.

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Instagram: @samstacy

TikTok: @samfstacy



Review by Hannah Schneider

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