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"Might Could" - Young Clancy x Chris LaRocca | Review

"Might Could" is such a lovely laid back lo-fi listen. We have a nice cool day here today and this track was my song of the morning to make tea and get set up for the day.

Just under two minutes, Young Clancy and Chris LaRocca manage to create a song that creates space. The track has its own little world while you listen to the floaty synths and chilled out vocals.

"I made the initial instrumental with Gray Rowan at his studio. I remember it was the night we found out that the NBA season was cancelled because of COVID... probably the last time I would be in the studio with someone else for several months... Just before or after the proper lockdown started, I sent Chris the instrumental with a few vocal ideas. It took him a while, understandably, to get back. I was so happy when he did. As with everyone on the project, it was special to see him for the video shoot after only communicating virtually for the last six months or so. The timing worked so we were able to come by a week or two before Toronto went into lockdown again. He has one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen. " – Young Clancy

Young Clancy, an ascending Toronto soul musician and beatmaker, has just released a new single. He remotely collaborated with Chris LaRocca for “Might Could” - a track showcasing his lithe production abilities as he hazily blends elements of smooth R&B, psych, and pop.

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