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“medicate” – mou | Review

The latest work from Australian artist mou is a cathartic and refreshing take on indie-pop. It’s full of rich layers and decorated with a head-turning vocal performance. “medicate” is a purifying release—like a breath of fresh air after a deep dive underwater. Mou makes complex combinations of riffs and inversions seem simple and effortless. His new track is a shining example of the bright light that can emerge from a journey through darkness.

What sets mou’s “medicate” apart lies within his approach. Several aspects of the song are wonderfully surprising. He shows off a voice with the delicate qualities of Conor Mason in the unexpectedly groovy chorus. His falsetto is somehow more powerful than a more obvious full-throated performance would have been. It keeps the song feeling dream-like and romantic. On top of it all, the subtle wavering pitch of the guitars gives the polished production a celestially organic feel.

Listeners will leave the track with a good impression, and it’s because of the way mou crafts the outro. The groovy chorus transitions into a refrain that gets heavy yet preserves all of the previously established tenderness. Big guitars with lots of reverb blend with a wide ride cymbal and wash over the progression like waves crashing ashore. It’s aspects like this that make the song feel genre-fluid, accessible, and fresh.

Mou is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Brisbane. “medicate” is the title track from his debut EP—slated for release September 29. The mission of his songwriting is to highlight the beauty that exists within times of darkness. Mou’s ear for arrangement and prowess in production offer his audience the unique opportunity to feel like they’re right inside of his instruments. He creates an immersive experience with his music and dances around the lines between indie, folk, and electronica.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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