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“Me” - Micah and Julia | Review

Micah and Julia just gave the world a big hug with their new singer-songwriter single “Me.”

Delicate piano notes mixed with Micah and Julia’s sweet tones create a calming, solemn yet wholesome atmosphere. Their voices compliment each other and work together perfectly. The production adds a layer of complexity through a mellow but catchy beat, synths, and crescendos that are so pleasing to listen to. They detail the thought process of someone working through their mental health struggles as the person says, “taking my space to figure me out.” In the end the song’s message is positive and important: “It’s okay to be broken.”

“Me” was written by Micah and Julia over Zoom. The app was able to connect the artists between the Netherlands and Nashville. They describe the song as “the honest conversation you are bound to have with yourself.” Their dedication to the craft of making music is clear as this song is the fourth single of their first EP on LV music.

Micah and Julia is an up and coming indie-pop duo from the Netherlands. They began releasing music in 2019 and their recent song “Deep” has now reached over 60,000 streams. The artists are known for their acoustic music and they are continuing to produce positive messages through their songs and change the sound of modern songwriters.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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