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"Maybe" - Adam Moore | Review

Something about Adam Moore's voice immediately pulled me in. His song "Maybe" is such a cutesy song about falling in love.

I think we can all say we have kind of had an unattainable crush, for some, it's a celebrity, others a friend, who knows...there is ALWAYS someone. Moore creates a jazzy track with a steady back beat that brings his listeners into this dynamic warm fuzzy love filled feeling. I love Moore's use of his falsetto, it is stunning and really brings something special to this track beyond it's engaging musicality and witty lyrics.

"Attention chasing, naive belief and fumbling confidence are all at the root of my new track based around my story of infatuation and denial. "Maybe" is the story of falling for someone so hard that you would do anything for, them to the point of being oblivious to how you are being treated. Delusion can be a big part of the process of falling for someone. We hear it all the time, you need to get up the nerve to make a move, but maybe that thing you tell yourself, maybe that feeling you convince yourself is reciprocated is just a delusion . The games you play with someone, the back and forth, the maybe she does maybe she doesn't, the all in belligerent love can only lead to confusion and heart ache when abused. It's all to easy to fall head overs heals for someone and think "Maybe" something could have been and should have been, but its hard to stop and think what should have been." - Moore

Saint John based Singer/Song-Writer Adam Moore is a man on a mission, a mission to entertain. Over the years Adam has gained respect from both the public and music community alike for his versatile musicianship and high energy shows. From a young age Adam Moore dove headfirst into music, picking up and experimenting with any and all types of instruments and music alike, and eventually starting a career with the music company of Long and McQuade. Drawing his sound from the soul of Stevie wonder, the soulful guitar of John Mayer and the relatability and ease of Ed Sheeran, Adam infuses his creative songwriting with an energetic twist. Among other accomplishments Adam was crowned Saint John Idol 2018.

Adam is quickly becoming one of the must see shows not only in Saint John but New Brunswick and beyond. Adam takes his main instrument (acoustic guitar) to the next level with a sure staple of his show, the loop pedal. With the masterful ability to create his own band using his acoustic, voice and loop pedal, Adam takes audiences on a crazy rhythmic, melodic and precise ride that leaves show goers wanting Moore. Adam has taken his shows to festivals and venues such as The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, The Aitken center and has also opened for UK based Ethan Ash (Supporting act for Ed Sheeran) and many more. Don't miss out on one of New Brunswick's most energetic and soulful upcoming artist, sure to have you singing and dancing throughout.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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