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Matt Tanner Releases A Visual Masterpiece For Hit Single “Josephine”

Matt Tanner, singer/songwriter based in New Jersey just released a visual masterpiece for his award winning song “Josephine”. The extremely well shot music video has a vintage feel reminding us of the 70’s movies. The wordsmith and storyteller Tanner takes us on a journey where 2 young lovers are going through a complex love story and we can witness them burning their trailer and escaping from the authorities and in a more symbolic way, from their demons. Although the story told is a tragic one, the song is perfect for a car ride in the desert or in an empty city late at night where you will probably raise the volume to the max. A great story, beautiful music, perfect visuals without forgetting Tanner’s soulful give this song an iconic aura.

Have a look for yourself below and keep an eye on Matt’s Instagram for the next piece of his story.

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