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"Mai Love" — GVgrace Music Video Review

GVgrace is a collaborative project created by Genevieve Patterson and Griff Snyder. With over 1,000 streams on Soundcloud, the up-and-coming group is making their way through the music industry. A combination of delicate, sultry, and angelic, their music is a unique work of art that you can’t find anywhere else. Their debut EP, "Heaven Mouth", was released in 2018, featuring songs like "Only Yu" - which hit 1,000 streams shortly after being released and was the first off the EP to have a music video - and "Mai Love" - whose music video was recently released.

“Mai Love”, a song featured on “Heaven Mouth”, was directed by Matthew Young and Gillian Altman, and captured by Megan Stacey. The essence of the video surrounds two lovers and their many interactions, ranging from hot coffee in the morning to screaming fights in the evening. Both the video and song alike capture the intense intimacy that comes from being in a relationship, showing the range of emotions one experiences when they are in love.

Starting off with angelic harmonies repeating the phrase “my love”, the music video immediately sets the tone of a soft, delicate setting. Portraying a woman with short, pink hair applying lipstick, it is evident that she is the main aspect of the video. The video was shot from the point of view of the watcher, implying that the woman in the video was interacting with someone that we could not see. The video shows the woman interacting with the person and indicates that said person is her lover. As the song progresses, the relationship does as well. The video shows both the good and bad sides of a relationship - the loving, the cuddling, the smiling, all the way to the tears, the throwing, the leaving. In one scene, the woman is shown with black mascara marks streaming down her face, crumpled tissues surrounding her. Just a few scenes after, she arrives home with a goldfish in her hand and a smile on her face, indicating that whatever caused her to be upset has ended.

The combination of the good, the bad, and the in between make for a realistic perspective of relationships on the watcher’s end. The soft and almost fantasy-like tone of the video enhances just how wonderful the good parts of a relationship can be. From depicting the ups and downs of not only a relationship, but all of life as a whole, the music video provides a first-hand view of how humans interact.

Video Credits:

Directed by Matthew Young + Gillian Altman Produced by Gillian Altman Cinematography by Megan Stacey Debut EP ‘Heaven Mouth' available Music video by GVgrace performing Mai Love. © 2018

Written by: Zoe Steiner

Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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