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"Magnetic" - Alicia Lov | Review

"Magnetic" is a sultry electro pop song that captures the early feeling of love and infatuation.

There is such a perfect balance in Alicia Lov's newest single, there is such a beautiful inflection of sensuality mixed with more of a romantic intimacy. The head rush of new love. Her voice is incredible and this song is going into all of my mushy playlists. I love that there is a push and pull in the lyrics, it isn't just this easy immediate love but an ebb and flow that takes over, like a wave.

Born and raised in Canada, ALICIA LOV took to music at an early age. Both her and her sister started learning piano growing up which led to guitar as well. With all this music in the house, ALICIA started singing and never stopped.

Although music has been around ALICIA LOV’s whole life, she didn’t truly fall in love with it until she started getting more and more into dance. ALICIA would definitely not be where she is today if she never started dancing and competing.

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