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“Maggie Gyllenhaal” - WRENN | Review

WRENN pays homage to the pastels, cool jeans, pink nails, and sleepless nights of the 90’s with their new indie rock song “Maggie Gyllenhaal.”

“Maggie Gyllenhaal” kicks off with an addicting guitar-driven beat and a vintage vibe created by electric guitar and production sounds. Vocalist, Zoe Mirkovich, has a powerful punk tone, like Paramore’s Hayley Williams but with a sweet, indie twist that I can’t stop listening to. The guitar woven melody and catchy chorus grab your attention as Zoe sings “Why does everybody want it to be the 90’s?” The way she lets her voice crack at the higher end of the end of the lines showcases impressive vocal control that is so lovely.

It’s common for people to live in the past and denounce everything from this decade. Instead, WRENN pays homage to the vintage vibe of the 90’s by singing about aspects of that decade in effortlessly beautiful soft notes, but without condemning aspects of 2000’s culture (except maybe when she comically sings “everybody’s got the same damn fade.”)

Zoe shares, "I wrote this song after I got on TikTok for the first time & saw the resurgence of 90s fashion that's been completely taking over. I've been so inspired by that community lately & wanted to create an anthem that feels the way this new aesthetic feels. A reflection of the old, with a passion for the new. Overall it just makes me happy."

WRENN is an LA-based alternative, rock-grunge band fronted by singer-songwriter and self proclaimed “sad girl” Zoe Mirkovich. The band also comprises Sean Behr, guitarist Leo Bomeny, and Lucas Bomeny on drums. Zoe grew up around music. Her father, Paul Mirkovich is the musical director for “The Voice” house band and he has made an appearance working with Zoe on covers on the WRENN instagram. One of WRENN’s earliest releases from 2016, “You,” holds the current record for the band’s highest number of streams on Spotify at over 1.6 million but I suspect that will change soon...

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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