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"Made For This" - Jesse Michael | Review

With an opening guitar similar to “Chasing Cars” I had high hopes for the rest of the song and artist Jesse Michael delivers.

A song about waiting for your time in the spotlight and the work and fear along the way, really speaks to the heart. The line “I’m made for this,” being repeated sounds akin to the mantra you whisper to yourself to hype yourself up and that’s exactly what feeling this song gives me. That quiet but strong motivation, that drive, to go after your dreams. The fear of chasing what you love but the drive to do so despite it rings out in not only the words but in his voices touches hearts.

Jesse Michael, a singer/songwriter from Boca Raton, FL, takes influences from a whole range of artists including, Michael Jackson, Jon Bellion, Frank Ocean, and LANY to name a few. Currently residing in London, Jesse hopes to make music that people can relate to and aims to make the listener feel something with his lyrics.

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