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Mad Flavor Fest Review + Gallery

Mad Flavor Fest, held on April 29 in Orange County, CA, was an eventful night filled with tasty street food, ludicrous stand up comedy, and energetic live music from a variety of upcoming artists. The music portion closed out the night, and each performer did an amazing job at showcasing their individual talents.

On the lineup was Koba44, a melodic rap artist, who was able to thoroughly hype up the crowd early in the night. Later, MadddBoyyy shared some of his hip hop and pop rap focused music and continued the incredible energy. LvChico also performed with his own unique style of melodic spanish rap music with twists of reggaeton. And then finally, Garrett Gloom went on at the end of the night. While he did have a couple of technical difficulties, I was impressed by his setup with his mixer on his body and dedication to his craft. Garrett Gloom’s set, which was more along the lines of alternative punk rock, had plenty of songs that I’ve since added to my playlists, including “STATIC” and “TAKE YOU HOME”. Overall, I really enjoyed getting to listen and be exposed to lots of different types of music throughout the night.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

Photos: @laurelayuyao.jpg

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