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‘LUUV’ - Broken Hearts Club | Review

From the second LUUV by the Broken Hearts Club started playing, I instantly got the 1975 and LANY vibes.

This new single is a balance of alternative and pop, utilizing electronic production to create a polished sound along with raw, personal lyrics to create more of a connection with the listener. Even though the singer mentions the inevitability of heartbreak in this scenario, invoking a kind of sadness, there’s also a reckless energy present in the beat that makes this a song you can’t help but dance to. LUUV ultimately reminds me of the moment you enter into a romantic situation that’s shaky, yet so exciting you can’t help but go for it.

Broken Hearts Club is made up of Richie Aquino and Bradly Baldwin, who both bonded over music, their recent break ups, and 90s rom-coms. Frustrated at the lack of reality in those kinds of movies, they decided to make music that actually reflected the real world and, more specifically, their own lives. On June 21, they’re releasing their debut EP, Make Out Music.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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