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“LSD” - Emma Beckett | Review

“LSD” by Emma Beckett is an electro pop song that really brought life and spunk back into my day.

The funky beat, upbeat production, and groovy guitar solos make for a really fun and dancy song. Emma Beckett’s voice is addicting to listen to. She showcases great vocal control and range with some impressive high notes throughout. The catchy melody gives off this carefree, rebel vibe that I love. The artist mixes in a bit of relatable comedy that also adds to the song. The humorous lyrics detail the thoughts of someone who was forced to go to the party saying, “I wish i was a little more drunk if i'm being honest.” Emma Beckett explained, “It's a groovy light hearted pop song about a weird birthday party I went to with some very strange people. The lyrics are poking fun at a secret inclination to experiment with hallucinogens, while also feeling like I had to maintain my role as the “responsible one”. The music started coming together because I wanted to write a song that I could confidently describe as “~funky~””

Emma Beckett is a 22 year old alternative pop musician from Toronto, Canada. Recent singles “Little Ways” and “LSD” are an up-beat turn from previous releases, setting the tone for the upcoming debut full-length album. Music has always come naturally to Emma, as she has been playing piano since the age of ifive and singing in the church choir since age seven. Her songwriting began after listening to a lot of Taylor Swift to get her through the emotions of middle school. She started out writing folk-pop ballads, but now draws influence from artists including Hozier, Maggie Rogers, and Harry Styles into her electric guitar driven alt-pop songs. In 2019 she landed spots at Toronto festivals like Indie Week and Sound of Music Fest as she honed her captivating solo loop pedal performances. Now, she is branching out into full band performances in order to keep up with the recorded songs and she is looking forward to touring locally with them.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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