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“Love On Repeat” – Strandles | Review

Love is in the air people! I am keeping this song on repeat. I’m sorry for all of my bad puns but “Love On Repeat” by the Strandles is such a cute love song! This duo has mastered the art of cute pop harmonies. While not conforming to the modern electronic influence of pop music, the twangy sound of guitar brings an elevated sense of joy. It’s officially spring so I always am on the hunt for cutesy spring time song. Think dancing in the grass with your friends or loved one and smiling like idiots. That is the vibe of this song.

According to the Strandles the song is about “A classic heart-break. When it’s like everything turns black and nothing matters anymore."

We love a classic powerhouse sibling duo! The Strandell siblings, Tova and Sixten, have come to represent a fresh new take on the Swedish pop world. The duo seems to constantly steer away from using buzzy synths like most other pop musicians now and instead have vocals really take the lead for a more timeless feel, I’m getting a

Sara Bareilles sort of feel.

“For Sixten, music began as an academic plight, with vigorous training and influences such as James Dean pushing the young Swede towards the pursuit of studio sessions alongside friends. Finding her own feet through school performances and a little encouragement from her brother, Tova’s flower child aura and velvety vocal assets proved an essential piece of the puzzle for an act now fast becoming one of Sweden’s most sought-after newcomer acts. ‘I don’t think we ever had eyes for the act that we have become in the beginning,’ explains Sixten. ‘For us, the process happened organically. We both had our own early ambitions but by the time it came to forming Strandels the pieces just seemed to align perfectly.’”

The duo represent a promising new era of Swedish songmanship. They have garnered spots on several TV shows, music festivals, and have so much more in store. With the release of their latest single, ‘If God Has A Plan,’ and the duo’s completed summer tour in Sweden in support of Per Gessle, their dynamic brand of pop with a pinch of flower power spirit looks set to take a new global spotlight over the months to come.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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