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"Love For Me" - RANI |Review

RANI has such a fun flare to R&B and creates a name for herself with her debut EP and single, Love For Me.

I am absolutely in love with her voice. RANI weaves in and out of these stunning vocals and very groovy little almost spoken parts of this track. She blends this chilled-out sound with something infectiously fun and different. Her messaging, stellar, her voice, out of this world. This is an artist to keep an eye on. RANI is a queen of R&B pop on the rise.

At 20 years old, and from the small Dutch village of Heerhugowaard, RANI may not seem an obvious pathfinder for music fans around the world who are searching for comfort and upliftment in this historical moment. But this standout artist has spent the past three years preparing the ground for the release of her debut album, guided by a deeply-felt desire to use music to share stories that are genuine and relatable, and informed by the diverse heritage of her family. Storytelling is at the heart of the set of songs currently being completed for RANI’s debut solo record, due out on Sony Music in Autumn 2020. It’s served by a musical terrain that uses jazzy acoustic guitar riffs, timeless pop melodies and hiphop orientated rhythms to create a signature sound that’s less reliant on the dance music that first earned RANI global attention than on her earlier musical influences like Destiny’s Child, H.E.R., Lauren Hill and Stevie Wonder.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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