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"Love Again..." - Logan Prescott |Review

If you’ve been looking for a new song for the movie soundtrack of your life, we got one for you. “Love Again…” by Logan Prescott is a dreamy synth-pop song about yearning for new love, and it is perfect for a summer night under the stars with someone that’s got you smitten.

With the help of some floaty synths, soft plucky guitar, and plenty of reverb, this song sounds like a remastered 80s pop song. Prescott’s vocals sit in a comfortable mid-range that reminds me of Lauv and Matty Healy from The 1975, which brings new life and modernity to the tune. “Love Again…” is an instant earworm, so much so that the chorus was stuck in my head after the very first listen. I’m not the only one who felt that either – the song has gained some radio play on Dallas’ 91.7 KXT and was put on the Editor’s Picks playlist on music blog Indie Shuffle.

Though the song has plenty to listen to, it’s gentle and calming all the same. The tender piano and lofty background vocals soften the edges around the gated reverb drum – a signature production technique that made the 80s sound so distinct. For a song that’s about the loneliness and doubt that surrounds the desire for new love, the song feels dreamy, romantic, and even meditative.

Logan Prescott is a Dallas-based indie pop artist that is only just beginning his career as a musician. He has a handful songs, but is nearing 20,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and we only expect that number to grow. He is rapidly gaining recognition and acclaim across all kinds of music blogs, including front page features on POPMUZIK and Aupium. As he releases more music, he is also expected to launch a Modern Pop Vocals sample pack on Splice this summer.

Written by Jess Ward

Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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