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"Losing U!" - James Tyler Wallace I Review

Ever want to hear what a more stripped-down version of a The 1975 song might sound like?

James Tyler Wallace’s new single, “Losing U!” has the same kind of pop flair and likeability as the band with a little less britpop and more traditional, Top 40 elements. However, it’s that signature bright electric guitar cutting through the production that brings me to relate him to The 1975. I love the variety in tone throughout this song; he pulls back during the verses and bridge and gives his all in the choruses, creating an explosive effect that serves as a great burst of energy. I also love the theme of the song, specifically the lyric, “I’m scared of losing what I found in you” – it’s honest and upfront in a way missing someone usually isn’t presented. When asked about the song, he stated very simply, "Losing U !" is a feel good pop song about feel bad aspects of a relationship,” but his artistry in this song shows a more complex opinion and understanding. Though he’s swimming in the pop realm, it’s putting his own twist on these kinds of usual topics – falling in love, heartbreak, etc. – that distinguishes him from other artists, even with just this one song.

James Tyler Wallace is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter. “Losing U!” is his fourth single and he started releasing his music just two years ago.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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