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Losing By A Landslide - Sophia Alexa | Review

Sophia Alexa has perfectly captured the confusion of being in your twenties in her new song, ‘Losing By A Landslide.’

Accompanied by her charming vocals, the lyrics of this song are raw and real. Sophia tells the story of “feeling so left out / in a twenty-something drought,” as she struggles to navigate the looming fear of falling behind and missing out on experiences. This is a common feeling in an overwhelmingly transitional period of life; The feeling that you should have everything figured out, and that you should be living a life your younger self would be proud of, but the inability to put all the pieces together. Sophia Alexa acknowledges this concept and relates to it in a gut-wrenchingly honest way: “Can’t help but feel like I’m stuck in place.”

If you are a fan of artists like Holly Humberstone, Sophia Alexa is ready to be your new favorite pop artist. Based in London, Sophia has created a presence for herself in the industry. Some of her previous works, such as ‘Stones’ and ‘Going to California,’ have tracked incredibly well on Spotify. Her 2022 EP, ‘Groundwork,’ was quite successful, and this it is expected that this success will only grow. Be sure to give Sophia Alexa a listen!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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