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“Long Distance” - Favourite Daughter | Review

“Long Distance” by Favourite Daughter may be my new soundtrack for my apartment cleaning dance parties.

This indie-rock track is anthemic and fun and just makes me feel good as soon as I press play. While the track depicts the feelings in a long-distance, or truly any relationship, where you try to keep up appearances that everything’s fine while running from the inevitable, it is still at its core a fun indie-pop bop. “Long Distance” slowly progresses into an anxiety-inducing number until its eventual explosion in the final chorus. I am not going to lie either, I have been there! There are some lines I just related to, going for a night run and possibly seeing a cactus is quite a regular occurrence where I live actually.

Favourite Daughter (Julia Kennific) is a Montreal-based singer/songwriter. Born and raised near Toronto, she is a queer artist who pulls inspiration from across the indie alternative rock spectrum. Citing influences like Courtney Barnett, Hayley Williams and Julien Baker, Favourite Daughter combines gut-wrenching vulnerable lyricism, soaring vocals and earworm hooks in her own corner of dreamy pop rock.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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