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“LONELY NIGHTS” - Lorenzo Wood

Lorenzo Wood’s newest single, “LONELY NIGHTS,” is a beautiful melancholy ballad full of catchy lyrics and melodies.

Opening with a guitar, “LONELY NIGHTS” emits a sad but energetic feel, drawing the listener in. Wood’s slow, soft vocals add more emotion, causing the listener to empathize and feel for Wood.

In a perfect transition, the energy of “LONELY NIGHTS” increases. Now, rather than the quiet, softness of the song, Wood takes a turn into harsher, darker sounds and vocals. The guitar emits harsher sounds, matching his deep, angrier vocals as well as adding and increasing the tension. Minutes later, the guitar lets loose, creating an all-consuming narrative as the soundtrack engulfs the listener. It feels like all of Wood’s emotions take over with the only release being able to express them through his music.

Near the end of the song, Wood’s vocals fade out, leading to a powerful, strong guitar solo. The loud guitar conveys a feeling of anger: that Wood is done and needs a release. The lack of vocals provides the listener with an opportunity to think and digest his song and lyrics, but not fully because the solo is so loud and inviting. The last chorus joins, but the guitar doesn’t quiet down. As listeners may struggle to hear the lyrics, the experience resembles noise in one’s head when you are trying to think, but there’s too much going on to concentrate.

“LONELY NIGHTS” ends with silence. The loud guitar and final chorus fade into nothingness, and the listener is left in a stark new place.


The mix of pop and punk balances the soft and harsher points of “LONELY NIGHTS” song. Emotions can feel like a rollercoaster, and Wood's song embodies that perfectly. Yet, both parts work effortlessly together. Even when the song is softer and quieter, it still has sad lyrics; even when the song is harsher and louder, it does so in the same style with similar bits of soundtracks. The two parts aren’t starkly different: just different sides of the same coin.

“LONELY NIGHTS” is one banger of a song. Wood is relatable and vulnerable throughout, especially with lyrics like: “feeling like i’m missing out, like i’m inadequate.” Wood is an artist everyone should watch and perfect for fans of Jxdn, Machine Gun Kelly, The Kid LAROI, and Travis Barker.

Originally from the San Francisco area, Lorenzo Wood is a musician, songwriter, producer, and vocalist based in LA. Wood began performing at the age of 13 at street festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area every summer and fall. He released his first EP in 2018 at the age of 15. At most of his live performances, Wood runs his own live sound, having experience with audio and musical equipment. Most of his songs focus on the modern era of social media, specifically friendships, relationships, and coming of age.

Written by Anne Friedman

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