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Live Up Your La La La Life with Neela

Toronto-based artist Neela has released her intoxicating new single “La La La (Club Life)” off her forthcoming EP Lovers in Danger. The dance clubs will be thanking Neela for the addition of this fierce and lusty new track to their nightly DJ sets.

The catchy electro-pop beats with the soft, feminine vocals give the listeners a sense of timeless euphoria. The sensual undertones of this lustful track form a desire to embrace the simplicity of yourself. This song lets you temporarily ignore the fast-paced, society consumed world around you and enjoy the “right now” of wherever you may be in your life. This song will release you of your stress and your fears as you feel the deep beats overpower your body on the dancefloor. This track will have you living it up and dancing late into the night as you should be.

Follow Neela on instagram at @neelamusic and Listen to “La La La (Club Life)” on Spotify.

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