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“Little Cults” – NRVS LVRS | Review

Sing along to the satire, or choose the comfort that comes with conforming. In “Little Cults,” San Francisco-based NRVS LVRS takes on the role of a charismatic leader (whose intentions we question) while allowing us to sit back and observe how alluring rhetoric is all it takes to hook a desperate follower.

This new song makes me remember growing up and listening to acts like Passion Pit. It was music from artists in the same vein that started showing me the way irony could be used, not just in literature, but in music. The way these bands would write songs with heavy themes but shroud them in catchy, experimental sounds was captivating. It was like rock and roll met dance music.

What’s beautiful about “Little Cults” as a whole is the way its indietronic vibe communicates what feels like assurance from a loving friend, while – in fact – the story is much more sinister. The darkness of the lyrics is cleverly woven into the optimism of the music, and that makes the message much more powerful.

The song will convert you with its minty-fresh vocals and soundscape textures that are as smooth as ice. In addition to its ethereality, the track has serious electricity. The upbeat hand-claps and iconic sampling-riffs build sonic layers that make this feel like the soundtrack to a feel-good scene at the end of a coming-of-age film.

NRVS LVRS is Andrew Gomez and Belvin Fernandez: a talented husband-and-wife duo. They’ve been making music and garnering critical acclaim for over six years. The way the couple uses harmony and octaves when they sing together creates the dreaminess that defines great electronic indie-music. It’s elements like this that have made the twee-pop styles of The xx, Of Monsters and Men, and Belle and Sebastian so popular. With two LPs already under their belt, the pair is proud to introduce “Little Cults” and the “Cult Lite – EP.”

The timing of this release is right on.

“Little Cults” is the one we need right now. During dismal days when introspection can be painful, this new single offers positive vibes without skimping on depth. Head over to Amazon Music, restart your day with some infectious new tunes, and ride the dark wave right on through 2020.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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