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“Little Bit More” - Whitney Woerz | Review

Plucky, peppy, pop perfection!

Whitney Woerz is back with her new single “Little Bit More”. At just 18 years old, Woerz has a distinct sound that is her own little space in the pop industry. Incredibly crafted lyrics, beautiful string, and a catchy bass line. “Little Bit More” is the start of a new era for Woerz.

"Little Bit More" speaks about accepting that sometimes, everyone needs help from others to lift them up. While still celebrating our inner power, Whitney embraces and encourages reaching out when you feel like you need just "a little bit more" human connection. As she explains:

“I think that it’s extremely important for people to invest in each other. Though I love social media, I do think that there is point when you lose touch with a tangible reality. We need human contact and it should happen more often.”

Check out our interview with Woerz:

At just 18 years old, Whitney Woerz is equal parts passion and talent. Combining an alternative pop sound with lyrics firmly rooted in personal experience, Whitney’s music possesses a depth and sonic maturity that extends beyond her years. Her unabashed honesty and transparency produce profoundly impactful music that poignantly depicts a multitude of experiences that are accompanied by a range of emotions.

Her last single, “Love Me Not,” debuted at No. 14 on the YouTube Top Music Videos Chart and the official video and lyric video have received over 54 million views. The single also charted in the top 40 on the Mediabase Published Hot AC Chart and the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart, and continues to be added to multiple playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. Whitney has receiving great responses from both old and new fans across the country while on tour with Jesse McCartney, Jason Mraz, and Nina Nesbit.

In her own voice, and her own way, Whitney Woerz is coming of age. Her lyrics are sincere and forthcoming – a recipe for a bond that will no doubt see her sharing her musical journey with her fans for years to come.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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