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'Light and Space' with Ariana and the Rose | Photography Coverage

Ariana and the Rose photographed by Laura Epperson

Light + Space transports you to another world. With alien dancers and bright blue lights, a futuristic ambiance unlike no other is created within the club.

The party started with SlayRizz, who set the pace with lots of energy and enthusiasm to get the crowd ready for a great night.

Spencer Ludwig followed with an amazing trumpet performance that got the whole crowd dancing.

Meanwhile, the galactic dancers mingled with the crowd, making sure to include everyone in the show.

Then, Ferras got on stage and blew everyone away with his amazing vocals.

Finally, it was time for the infamous Ariana and the Rose. The dancers that had been moving through the crowd joined forces with Ariana.

Together, they showcased amazing choreo, on and off the stage to make the performance even more intimate. Ariana and the Rose are a must see group, and Light + Space is definitely an immersive experience that you can't miss.

Written by Kawai Scanlan

Photographed by Laura Epperson (laura_epperson98)

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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