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"Lifted" - Ellyn Woods| Review

Everyone has people who they turn to cheer them up and be there for them whenever they are sad or just need it. Ellyn Woods' song “Lifted” is about just that.

Woods’ almost melancholy, dreamy vocals are coupled with upbeat drums and piano, making “Lifted” both a song one can move and dance to and a song one can relax to. It reminds me of some of the band The 1975’s songs. The drums and piano complement each other and work nicely together. During the chorus and two thirds into the song, new drum beats and instrumentals add variety to “Lifted” and create a more pop vibe. Woods isn’t constantly singing, creating pauses where only the instruments are heard. This balance allows both vocals and instruments center stage and the whole focus of the listener. Occasionally, Woods’ lyrics blend into the music or stand out more. One such line that stood out to me was “the walls are built up to nothing.” The lyric created a sharp image in my brain, while also highlighting how people create barriers for no reason, connecting with Woods’ message of having people there to lift her up. The track ends with higher pitched howling-like vocals that create a mystical, ghost-like vibe unlike much of the rest of her song. “Lifted” has a calming and relaxing vibe that makes it a perfect song for a chill or bedtime playlist.

Ellyn Woods is a Montreal-based artist who writes songs across genres including electronic dance, indie pop, alternative rock, and R&B. Woods' music is inspired by personal experiences and her love of nature. While she writes about her experiences, Woods’ listeners can still connect with her songs and messages. “Lifted” is a part of Woods’ first album All At Once.

Written by Anne Friedman

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