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"Life's Just No Fun" - BANNERS | Review

BANNERS switches it up with their new single, “Life’s Just No Fun”.

As a former 16-year-old girl whose summer was soundtracked to “Someone to You” by BANNERS, this track immediately caught my eye - and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. While it’s the complete opposite of the track they’re most well-known for, it’s an incredibly well-executed shift. The slow piano ballad illustrates the feeling of emptiness after a breakup, when you realize just how much of an absence the person has left in your life. “You made it all okay / you made it all make sense” leads into the namesake of the song, “life’s just no fun without you here”, and it’s all too relatable - if you get it, you get it.

Michael Joseph Nelson (aka BANNERS) is an English Indie-pop singer who focuses on the human condition in his work. His biggest hit, “Someone to You”, has nearly 750 million streams on Spotify, making it so notable that he even performed it on season 16 of American Idol! Now shifting gears, Nelson’s new album “All Back to Mine” details his return to his hometown of Liverpool after spending the last seven years in Canada to focus on his career. BANNERS contains multitudes, and you’ll want to make sure you catch every single one!

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