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“Life’s Blood” - Alissa Feudo | Review

On June 23, Alt-Pop singer-songwriter Alissa Feudo released her spellbinding new single, “Life’s Blood.” “Life’s Blood” is a captivating song about reflecting on the highs and lows of life.

The track begins with Feudo’s vocals and piano. She immediately delves into the introspective theme with the lyrics, “I don’t mind the quiet / The space is thoughtful / And I could sail forever in my mind.” With Alissa’s haunting vocals, and pensive lyrics, “Life’s Blood” takes the listener on a soul-searching journey.

Starting in the 2nd verse, a hypnotic drum beat and bassline is added onto the track. The layering of the instruments help enhance the emotional depth that is portrayed throughout the song. “Life’s Blood” is a great example of a reminder that there is beauty found in every aspect of life.

According to Alissa, “I wrote “Life’s Blood” as a reflection on not grasping too tightly to anyone or anything in this world; it can be easy to want to cling, to find a permanent anchor, and to be afraid of what might change, come, or go.”

Alissa Feudo is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist residing near Phoenix, Arizona. Beside her artist name, she is also known by her alias, ICON. She can be found as a feature in the music of different artists including Myon, Seven Lions, Andy Moor, and Dash Berlin.

After listening to “Life’s Blood,” I’ve become a fan of Alissa. I’m really excited to listen to more of her released and upcoming music.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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